• ADSS Fiber Optical Cable and Accessories Guide

    What is ADSS Fiber Optical Cable? The all-dielectric self-supporting optical cable is a non-metallic optical cable that is composed of all dielectric materials and contains the necessary supporting system. It can be directly suspended on power poles and towers.The ADSS fiber optical cable is mai...
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  • How to install fiber optic cable outdoors

    I believe everyone is no stranger to optical cables. Now that the 5G era is coming, optical cables are widely used all over the world. Today, CROP will introduce the outdoor installation of self-supporting butterfly drop optical cable.The following are the accessories for installing the self-supp...
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  • China first “5G + Beidou” power application project was put into operation in Kashgar

    Ding Ding Ding… On the telephone pole at the intersection of Renmin East Road and Century Avenue in Kashgar, Xinjiang, with the rapid forecast of the intelligent distributed FA (feeder automation) equipment of the distribution network, the monitoring on the telephone pole The equipment indi...
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  • What is Copper Braided Wire?

    What is Copper Braided Wire?   In our lives, the use of copper braided wire is very extensive, and it is used in the machinery and automobile industries. Therefore, many people are concerned about the role and performance of the copper braided wire, and they are very concerned about how to c...
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  • J hook suspension clamp guid

    J hook Suspension clamp with neoprene insert for ADSS cable   What is J hook suspension clamp? J hook suspension clamp / Suspension clamp  are designed to provide a suspension for 5 to 20mm aerial ADSS cables at intermediate poles on cable routes with angle < 20° on access networks (spans...
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  • How to select the stainless steel banding?

    Stainless steel banding are widely used in various industries, such as electric power, telecommunication, aviation, automobile, industry and so on.Steel banding has the characteristics of corrosion resistance of stainless steel to chemical corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical co...
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  • What is insulation piercing connector(IPC connector)?

    Insulation piercing connector is mainly composed of reinforced plastic cover, metal blades,Waterproof sealing , silicone grease, high-strength bolt, Shear head and end cap, Insulation piercing connector used to make connection between protected low voltage overhead lines (with neutral), transform...
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  • How to installing the ADSS network ?

    How to installing the ADSS network ?

    Whats Accessories will be needed for build a ADSS net work? ADSS system include follow accessories: ①FDH (Fiber Distribution Hub) ②Joint Box ③Downlead Clamp ④Tension Assembly ⑤Fiberoptic dead ends ⑥Spiral Vibration Damper ⑦ADSS ⑧Suspen...
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