Round braided wire copper tinned

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Description of round braided wire copper tinned 1: Round braided wire copper tinned is suitable for flexible electrical,conductive or electrical...

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Description of round braided wire copper tinned

1: Round braided wire copper tinned is suitable for flexible electrical,conductive or electrical grounding wire use. 2: It is made of greater than 99.95% pure copper 3: Uninsulated or insulated braided stranded wire

Material: bare copper with tin plated

Application:It is used for flexible electrical,conductive or grounding connection.It also used for non-horizontal live motion and as a power accessory in medium and low voltage circuit breakers. The construction of power distribution lines requires safety and reliability, maintaining power continuity, reducing line losses, improving transmission efficiency, and ensuring good power quality.

Copper Braided Wire Options

Put Ups: We offer standard put ups in 100 feet, 250 feet, 500 feet and 1,000 feet.

Alloys: We carry many different varieties of copper braided cable. We can fabricate copper braid from bare copper wire, tinned copper, nickel plated copper, silver plated copper cable, stainless steel, nickel wire and other materials.

Braided Wire Shapes: We can provide copper braided wire it in both rolled flat and tubular form.

Special Sizes and Put Ups: We are able to supply braided wire and put ups on request. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your project!

Tubular braids are constructed to produce a braid matching approximate awg size and ampacity. the braid is then mill rolled for a specific width and thickness.

They can be used as flexible grounding strap. Their main characteristic the ability to handle large current at low voltages.

Various Uses of Copper Braid

Copper braid finds use in many different forms and components due to its strength, flexibility and superior ability to handle large currents at low voltages. This makes copper braided wire a perfect choice as a flexible grounding strap when rolled flat. Due to the nature of the copper braided cable, it also makes it a popular choice for shielding in its tubular form.

The primary and most versatile use of copper braid sees it made into shielding for many of the cables we use on a daily basis in communications and other industries. For instance, coaxial cables, one of the most popular cables for cable T.V. and satellite, makes use of copper braided wire to protect it from external wear and tear as well as outside interference.

Copper braid is also a primary component for twisted pair cables. These useful cables, created in 1881, are one of the most popular choices for network cable in short and medium ranges (up to 100 meters.) Given the lower costs compared to optical fiber and coaxial cable, these are a great choice for the networking applications of small businesses.

structure outer Diameter calculating weight (kg/km)
standard Cross-section (mm²) calculating Cross-section (mm²)
layers*No.of strands*No.of wires/singlewire diameter (mm)
2.5 2.60 3×48/0.15 2.2 25
4 3.96 4×57/0.15 3.2 38
5 5.03 5×57/0.15 3.4 51
6 6.31 6×57/0.15 3.7 61
7 7.04 7×57/0.15 3.9 71
8 7.67 7×65/0.15 4.1 74
10 10.01 7×81/0.15 4.5 95
12 12.09 7×97/0.15 5.0 115
16 15.95 7x3x43/0.15 6.5 152
20 20.40 7x3x55/0.15 7.8 195
25 24.85 7x3x67/0.15 8.5 237
35 34.87 7x3x94/0.15 9.8 332
50 50.34 10x3x94/0.15 12.0 479
70 70.47 14x3x94/0.15 15.0 670
95 94.64 19x3x94/0.15 16.5 900
100 100.20 20x3x94/0.15 18.0 952
105 105.76 21x3x94/0.15 18.5 1005
110 111.33 22x3x94/0.15 19.0 1058
115 116.90 23x3x94/0.15 19.5 1111
120 117.46 24x3x94/0.15 20.0 1117
160 159.49 19x19x25/0.15 22.0 1517
185 185.00 19x19x29/0.15 23.0 1760
200 196.15 37x12x25/0.15 26.0 1866
250 251.08 37x12x32/0.15 29.0 2388
315 310.58 37x19x25/0.15 31.0 2954
400 397.54 37x19x32/0.15 34.0 3782
500 496.92 37x19x40/0.15 38.0 4727

Customized available for special dimension,shapes and structure.We can according to your drawing customized.

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